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EM for Physicians #33- Airing the Laundry

Recently all of the CMS billing data was released. The public now has access to how mch we received for care we provided for that population. Initially, the response from physicians has been defensive and from the media, shock on the payments to a few outlier providers. Unfortunately, this is the new way of life for out practices as more and more information is made public. In this episode, we talk about the release and why it may not be a bad thing, as long as the data is applied in context.

EM for Physicians #33- Airing the Laundry


EM for Physicians #32- IV Versus Oral Rehydration

It is a kneejerk reflex in emergency medicine to order IV fluids for rehydration. I think we assume that any level of illness that requires and ER visit, probably will take more than oral hydration. Unfortunately, this is not the case. More and more research is demonstrating the benefit of oral rehydration when able for our patients. It saves time, money, and patient discomfort.

Everyday Medicine for Physicians #32- Oral Versus IV Rehydration


EM for Physicians #31- Community Paramedicine

As the landscape of medicine changes, we must look at new and innovative ways to keep patients healthy, get them the care they need, and preserve the healthcare dollar. One method that has demonstrated success has been community paramedicine. It's the modern day house call. In this episode, we talk about paramedicine and how it may help your community.

Everyday Medicine for Physicians #31- Community Paramedicine


EM for Physicians #30- The EM Report Card

The 2014 EM Report Card from ACEP sheds a great deal of light on the environment around emergency medicine from a state by state basis. In this episode, we talk about the report card, what it means, and how we need to use this as emergency providers.

Everyday Medicine for Physicians #30- The EM Report Card


EM for Physicians #29- Compression Only CPR

In recent years, compression only CPR has grown in popularity. In this episode, we look at the evidence and when this method may be useful in and out of the hospital.

EM for Physicians #29- Compression Only CPR