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EM for Physicians- Dr. Bobby Lewis- Event Medicine

Sports and large events are popular throughout the country and world. Event medicine is an area that allows physicians and others to lend expertise to those participating in the events and spectators. Dr. Bobby Lewis is the medical director for Talladega Superspeedway and talks to us about what it takes to take practice outside the hospital and to where the action is happening. 

EM for Physicians- Event Medicine


EM for Physicians #64- Ortho Pain Management

Orthopedic related injuries make up a common complaint in the emergency department. Pain management in these patients is a big deal and with the opioid epidemic, special consideration needs to be made to manage discomfort, but not put your patient at undue risk. 

EM for Physicians #64- Ortho Pain Management


EM for Physicians #63- Pediatric Hyperlipidemia

With the fattening of America, once adult diagnosis are being seen more and more in pediatrics. This includes lipid related issues resulting from genetics and/or lifestyle. We talk with Dr. Donna Stanton who runs a pediatric lipid clinic about the changes, challenges, and future. 

EM for Physicians #63- Pediatric Hyperlipidemia


EM for Physicians #62- Pain Management in an Opioid Epidemic

We are in the worse drug abuse epidemic in US history. Medicine may not be the only cause, but our management of pain puts patients at risk for addiction and other complications. I talk with interventional pain speciailist, Dr. Danesh Mazloomdoost, about the issues and ways to address pain. 

EM for Physicians #62- Pain Management in an Opioid Nation


EM for Physicians #61- Opioid Lecture

The opioid epidemic is the worst drug abuse crisis in US history. This episode is one of my lectures on the background and facts. 

EM for Physicians #61- US Opioid Crisis