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EM for Physicians #29- Compression Only CPR

In recent years, compression only CPR has grown in popularity. In this episode, we look at the evidence and when this method may be useful in and out of the hospital.

EM for Physicians #29- Compression Only CPR


EM for Physicians #28- ER Frequent Flyers

Every ER has its own collection of frequent flyers, people who overuse the ER for a variety of reasons. As budgets become tight, communities are looking at ways to address these patients and get them the care they need. In this episode, we talk about the problem and some of the options for solutions.

EM for Physicians #28- ER Frequent Flyers


EM for Physicians #27- AAFP President Reid Blackwelder

I am a huge supporter of the relationship between emergency medicine and primary care in a strong medical system. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Reid Blackwelder, President of the AAFP on several topics including provider shortages and the relationships of medicine.

EM for Physicians #27- AAFP President Reid Blackwelder


EM for Physicians #26- ER Advocacy

The politics of medicine are changing rapidly and thus, it is key for providers to be active educators on the local, state, and federal level. In this episode, we talk about the keys of emergmency medicine advocacy.


EM for Physicians #25- Headache Over Migraines

Migraine headaches are a common presentation in the ER. In this episode, we discuss the research and current recomendations for the approach to migraines.

EM for Physicians #25- Headache Over Migraines