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EM for Physicians #2- Dealing with MRSA

One of the most common day to day disease processes we see in the ER is MRSA soft tissue skin infections. With the rate of which this pathogen has taken over, standardization of treatment has been very difficult. From incision and drainage, to antibiotics, to warm compresses, treatments vary based on practitioner experience and preference. In 2011, the infectious disease community released their recommendation for how we approach this disease.

EM for Physicians #2- Dealing with MRSA


EM for Physicians #1- Lidocaine Toxicity

A recent death of a 5 year old after a lidocaine injection brings to light something we burry deep in our minds in medicine...lidicaine(anesthetic) toxicity. Though we rarely us sufficient doses in acute care situations to cause toxicity, it is worth consideration, especially with children or larger injections. In this episode, I review the doses, the causes, and the physiology.



EM for Physicians #1- Lidocaine Toxicity


Everyday Medicine for Physicians

Everyday Medicine for Physicians is a podcast by Dr. Ryan Stanton, a Board Certified emergency physician specifically designed for other ER and acute care physicians. The podcast is produced in conjunction with EMNews. Each week, Dr. Stanton will feature a topic in emergency medicine and discuss it from the practitioner standpoint. The podcast will be available on iTunes, EMNews.com, and ryanastanton.com. Contact us if you would like to suggest a topic or comment on the podcast.



Everyday Medicing for Physicians

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