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EM for Physicians #50- The Wealthy Physician

Physicians and health care providers tend to be pretty good at a number of things, but finances is rarely one of them. In this episode, I talk with Chase Chandler, author of "The Wealthy Physician", as we talk finances and some of the mistakes providers make with their money.

EM for Physicians #50- The Wealthy Physician


EM for Physicians #49- Military Trauma Care

War may be terrible, but it also helps drive innovation and advancements in civilian life. This is absolutely true in medicine and especially trauma care. In this episode, I talk with Army Veteran, Lt. Col. Bryan Helsel, about his experiences on the front lines and what was brought back to practice in the United States.

EM for Physicians #49- Military Trauma Care


EM for Physicians #48- Thunderclap Care

Neurosurgical presentations are not rare in the emergency department. These presentations can be difficult to diagnosis, potentially requiring an invasive test, but a miss can be devastating to the patient. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Christian Ramsey about common ER neurosurgical presentations.

EM for Physicians #48- Thunderclap Care


EM for Physicians #47- Faith in Medicine

With the majority of Americans reporting a religious affiliation, the consideration of a patient's faith is important in emergency medicine. In this episode, I talk with Jon Weece about how faith plays an integral role in illness, death, and recovery.

EM for Physicians #47- Faith in Medicine


EM for Physicians #46- Day at the Museum

I spend some time with my wife(Med/Peds Physician), talking about a great opportunity for the whole family, medical museums. We talk about some that we have visited and some of the cool things we got to see. This podcast and all others are also available on the Emergency Medicine News website under the podcast tab.

EM for Physicians #46- Day at the Museum