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EM for Physicians #45- Ending EMS Diversion

EMS diversion has been a common plague of larger communities, with patients being bounced around the city due to ED overcrowding. Unfortunately, reasearch shows that diversion does little to alleviate congestion in the ED, but puts patients at increased risk and increases time demand on EMS services. In this episode, we talk about strategies and research on ending diversion. You can catch this episode and newer versions on the Emergency Medicine News page under podcasts.

EM for Physicians #45- Ending EMS Diversion


EM for Physicians #44- Where are We Now Ultrasound

Ultrasound is an integral tool in the ER. To find out where we are now, I turn to EM ultrasound guru, Matt Dawson.

EM for Physicians #44- Where are We Now Ultrasound


EM for Physicians #43- Trauma Crash Course

Trauma is one of the core skills of emergency medicine. Most of use had extensive trauma training in residency, but few get significant exposure in community practice. In this episode, we talk with Dr. Andrew Bernard who is a prominent trauma surgeon at the University of Kentucky. He is a great educator and is on the leading edge of trauma care. You can catch this podcast and others at EM-News.com under the podcast tab.

EM for Physicians #43- Trauma Crash Course


EM for Physicians #42- Media Crash Course

There is a natural anxiety that comes with physicians and the media, but education and safety extend well outside the hospital walls. In this episode, we learn some of the keys to media interactions, why they are important and some tips for success. This episode features ABC-36 anchor, Lauren Gawthrop, who hosts "Doc On Call" segments as well as "What's Going Around". This podcast and prior can also be found at em-news.com.

EM for Physicians #42- Media Crash Course


EM for Physicians #41- The Eyes Have It

Eye complaints are a common presentation to the ER and often cause a bit of anxiety within providers. Needless to say, eyes are pretty important and missing a critical findings can lead to a significant deficit. In this episode, I go to Dr. Gary Wortz, an ophthalmologist, to talk about the keys to the ER approach of eye complaints.

EM for Physicians #41- The Eyes Have It