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EM for Physicians #37- ER Price Menu

As attempts move forward to increase the transparency of medicine, there has been a push to publish the price of ER services. Is serving up our prices like a restaurant menu a good idea or just the potential to put the price over the emergency itself? In this episode, we will talk about the ER price menu.

EM for Physicians #37- ER Price Menu


EM for Physicians #36- Stroke Alert

An acute stroke is one of the most urgent and critical ER evaluations. It is a diagnosis where time is truly of the essence. In this episode, we talk about the keys of being prepared and knowing you plan before a stroke rolls through your doors.

EM for Physicians #36- Stroke Alert


EM for Physicians #35- Volumes are Up

There has been endless talk, debate, and disagreements on the ACA and its effect on medicine, but we are now starting to see numbers on how the legislation is changing ED volumes. In this episode, we talk about the numbers and what they are saying.

EM for Physicians #35- Numbers are Up


EM for Physicians #34- The Appy Score

I realize that it is out of vogue to keep score in some youth sports, but in medicine, it can determine the next course of action and even disposition of the patient. Appendicitis is a common and high risk diagnosis in the ED and there are several scoring methods that have attempted to put Pandora back in her box. In this episode, we discuss some of the scoring methods and the research that scores the score.

EM for Physicians #34- The Appy Score


EM for Physicians #33- Airing the Laundry

Recently all of the CMS billing data was released. The public now has access to how mch we received for care we provided for that population. Initially, the response from physicians has been defensive and from the media, shock on the payments to a few outlier providers. Unfortunately, this is the new way of life for out practices as more and more information is made public. In this episode, we talk about the release and why it may not be a bad thing, as long as the data is applied in context.

EM for Physicians #33- Airing the Laundry