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EM for Physicians #41- The Eyes Have It

Eye complaints are a common presentation to the ER and often cause a bit of anxiety within providers. Needless to say, eyes are pretty important and missing a critical findings can lead to a significant deficit. In this episode, I go to Dr. Gary Wortz, an ophthalmologist, to talk about the keys to the ER approach of eye complaints.

EM for Physicians #41- The Eyes Have It


EM for Physicians #40- Code Black

The movie Code Black has been released and reveals many realities about emergency medicine and healthcare in general. This movie is a great opportunity to further the narrative to educate the public, media, and politicians on the realities and challenges facing emergency medicine.

EM for Physicians #40- Code Black


EM for Physicians #39- Raising Lazarus

Opioid overdoses have become an all too common plague on our society. Naloxone has been a very effective treatment for many years if it is given in time, but many times, access is limited to contact with EMS or the ER. There is a great deal of discussions and legislation throughout the country to make Narcab(Naloxone) more available. In this episode, we talk about some of the legislation, challenges, and options for this potentially life saving medication.

EM for Physicians #39- Raising Lazarus


EM for Physicians #38- Avoiding Wedge Issues

ER providers must advocate for the health and safety of their patients, but we must avoid insterting ourselves into "wedge issues". These are issues in which an opinion is meant to put you on one side of a divisive issue, such as gun control, obortion, or other political hot topics. We must address issues from a safety and health standpoint, but not fall into the trap of making a purely political stance that can alienate our patients and our ability to be trusted educators.

EM for Physicians #38- Avoiding Wedge Issues


EM for Physicians #37- ER Price Menu

As attempts move forward to increase the transparency of medicine, there has been a push to publish the price of ER services. Is serving up our prices like a restaurant menu a good idea or just the potential to put the price over the emergency itself? In this episode, we will talk about the ER price menu.

EM for Physicians #37- ER Price Menu