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Z-Pak: The #1 Antibiotic for the Common Cold


ACEP Newsmakers(8/10)

Operation MESA KY Tornado Relief(3/5/12)

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2012 Lexington Young Professionals "Rising Star"

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What's Going Around!!!

12/18/15- Pediatric Home Remedies

12/11/15- Inner Ear Infections

12/4/15- Croup Management

11/20/15- Medication Safety

11/13/15- Food Poisoning

11/6/15- Penicillin Allergy?

10/30/15- Halloween Safety

10/23/15- The Art of Listening

10/16/15- Pleurisy

10/9/15- Sleep Apnea

10/2/15- Hot Tub Folliculitis

9/25/15- Flu Vaccine Timing

9/18/15- Seizure First Aid

9/11/15- Best MRSA Abscess Prevention

9/4/15- Superfan Health

8/28/15- Labrum Tear

8/21/15- Strain Versus Blood Clot

8/14/15- Cigars Versus Cigarettes

8/7/15- Pet Bites

7/31/15- Elderly Falls

7/24/15- Ovarian Cysts

7/17/15- Mastitis

6/26/15- Secondhand Smoke

6/19/15- The Snakes of Kentucky

6/12/15- Nit Nanny

6/5/15- Pro for Probiotics

5/29/15- Nutritional Supplements

5/22/15- Hands Only CPR

5/15/15- Melanoma

5/1/15- Alcohol and Youth Risks

4/24/15- Bee Sting Allergies

4/17/15- Head Injury Risks

4/10/15- Prescription Drug Abuse

4/3/15- Lightning Strikes

3/27/15- Bacterial vs. Viral

3/20/15- Newborn Withdrawal Epidemic

3/13/15- Meningitis Vaccine

3/6/15- Peanut Allergies

3/6/15- Shoveling Safety

2/27/15- Is it Snake Oil or Science

2/20/15- Hypothermia Risks

2/13/15- Cholesterol Guideline Changes

2/6/15- Surgery Rehab

1/30/15- Illness and Hydration in Kids

1/23/15- Over the Counter Risks

1/16/15- Frostbite

1/2/15- Do You Need Tamiflu

12/26/14- Long Term Blood Pressure Risk

12/19/14- Shigella

12/12/14- Flu Shot Miss

12/5/14- Allergic Reactions

11/21/14- Must Have Medical Information

11/14/14- Good Bacteria

11/7/14- Types of Diabetes

10/24/14- Fever Facts

10/17/14- Cold Myths

10/3/14- Ebola Update

9/26/14- Incarceritis

9/19/14- Childhood Cancer Awareness

9/12/14- Enterovirus

9/5/14- Scabies

8/29/14- Dietary Supplements

8/22/14- ALS Facts

8/15/14- Shingles

8/8/14- Ebola FACTS

8/1/14- Head Injuries

7/25/14- Why Some Attract More Mosquitoes than Others

7/18/14- Should Kids Drink Sports Drinks?

7/11/14- Cancer Care Options

7/4/14- Firework Safety

6/27/14- The ChikV Virus

6/20/14- Beating the Summer Heat in Young Athletes

6/13/14- Thyroid Cancer

6/6/14- Ticked about Ticks

5/30/14- Pain of Sprains and Breaks

5/16/14- Water Safety

5/9/14- Beezin'

5/2/14- Cough and Sore Throat

4/25/14- Swallowing Gum and Hair...Ewe!!!

4/11/14- Nice Pair of Genes

4/4/14- Spring Outdoor Safety for Kids

3/28/14- More than a Headache

3/21/14- Treating Minor Burns

3/14/14- The Current States of HIV in the USA

3/7/14- Risks of Spring Forward

2/28/14- Sledding Safety

2/21/14- Is it a Cold or Pneumonia

2/14/14- The Medicine of Love

2/7/14- Anatomy of a Hospital Bill

1/31/14- The 4-1-1 on Fluoride

1/24/14- When to get a Physical

1/17/14- The EM Report Card

1/10/14- Febrile Seizures

1/3/14- Dangerous New Year's Fitness Fads

12/27/13- How the Flu Shot is Made

12/13/13- Asthma Causes and Triggers

12/6/13- Walking on Ice

11/22/13- Seasonal Affective Disorder

11/8/13- Proper Seatbelt Use

11/1/13- Smoking and Early Aging

10/25/13- Halloween Safety Tips

10/18/13- The Doctor May Not Be In...Doctor Shortage

10/11/13- Fiber Does the Body Good

10/4/13- The Flu Shot

9/27/13- The Threat to Antibiotics

9/20/13- Maintaining a Safe Medicine Cabinet

9/13/13- Back to School Infections

9/6/13- Spike in Measles

8/30/13- Plus and Minus of Garlic

8/23/13- Green Tobacco Sickness

8/16/13- Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet

8/9/13- The President's Stent

8/2/13- Swimmer's Ear

7/26/13- Kidney Stones

7/19/13- Arthritis

7/12/13- Advance Directives

7/5/13- Allergic to the Sun? Sun and Sneezing

6/28/13- Staying Cool in SUmmer Heat

6/21/13- "Dry Drowning"

6/14/13- Drowning Prevention and Pool Safety

6/7/13- Car Seat Safety

5/31/13- Sandbox Safety

5/24/13- EMS Week Ambulance Safety

5/17/13- Itch of the Ivy

5/10/13- Safe Weight Loss/Dieting

5/3/13- Helmet Safety

4/26/13- Jet Lag

4/19/13- Science Behind Blast Injuries

4/12/13- Seasonal Allergies vs. Common Cold

4/5/13- Physics Behind Kevin Ware's Injury

3/29/13- Teething

3/22/13- Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

3/15/13- Dirtiest Surfaces/Items in the Home

3/8/13- Avoiding Accidental Medication Ingestion/OD in Children

3/1/13- Bath Salts and Other Designer Drugs

2/22/13- Healthy Sleep

2/15/13- Sports Related Knee Injuries

2/8/13- Concussions and Minor Head Injuries

2/1/13- The Sweet and Lowdown on Artificial Sweeteners

1/25/13- Winter Weather Demise

1/18/13- Frostbite and the Netipot

1/11/13- Common Food/Medication Interactions

1/4/13- Alternative Meds(Correction...Grapefruit, not pineapple)

12/28/12- Mental Health System in the US

12/21/12- Facts and Fiction of Christmas Health Risks

12/7/12- Men's Health and No Shave November Summary

11/30/12- Signs and Symptoms of Pancreatitis

11/16/12- Pediatric Asthma

11/9/12- Medical Myths Part 2: Fact or Fiction

11/2/12- Medical Myths Part 1: Fact or Fiction

10/26/12- Halloween Safety and Preparedness

10/19/12- When you should go to the ER...and when you shouldn't

10/12/12- The Fungal Meningitis Outbreak and Why Kentuckians Shouldn't Freak Out

10/5/12- Information About Male Breast Cancer

9/28/12- Pertussis Spike and Importance of Medication Reporting

9/21/12- Accupuncture for Chronic Pain and the Web for Medical Info

9/14/12- Youth Sports Related Injuries

9/7/12- Breast Cancer from Water Bottles?

8/31/12- Allergies vs. a Cold/URI

8/24/12- Acid Reflux and West Nile Virus

8/17/12- The "Kissing Disease" and Importance of Vaccinations

8/10/12- Pediatric Fever Myths

8/3/12- Dangerous Fevers and the "Graveyard Shift"

7/27/12- Bed Bugs!!!

7/13/12- Motorcycle Helmet Safety

7/13/12- Electrocution in Lakes

7/6/12- Poison Ivy and Treating Nose Bleeds

6/29/12- Being Ready for the Heat at KY Speedway

6/22/12- Head Injuries and Helmet Use

6/15/12- Bath Salts and Superglue Disasters

6/8/12- Alzheimer's and Animal Bites

6/1/12- Flesh Eating Bacteria and Button Battery Dangers

5/25/12- Pool Safety

5/11/12- Hysterical Blindness and Vaccine Reactions

5/3/12- Kentucky Derby Safety(Great Pics)

4/23/12- Sunburn Safety and Spider Bites

3/16/12- Shingles and ER Expectations

3/5/12- Operation Kentucky Tornado Relief

3/2/12- Safe Sex and Signs of Stroke

2/24/12- Why Treat Hypertension and What is "Borderline Diabetes"

2/7/12- UTC vs ER and the Skinny on Statins

1/25/12- Opiate Abuse and Finishing Antibiotics

1/11/12- Keeping Fit and Losing Weight in 2012

12/20/11- Holiday Safety

12/9/11- Asparagus Versus Alcohol and Bulging Veins

11/23/11- Thanksgiving Holiday Safety

10/31/11- Halloween Safety

10/28/11- Cauliflower Ear and Swallowing Your Tongue

9/30/11- Knuckle Cracking and Partying a Little Too Hard

9/23/11- Muscle Strains and Organic Food Follow Up

8/23/11- Organic or Not and Preventing Skin Infections

8/8/11- Tylenol Dosage Changes and Fear About MRSA

7/26/11- Signs of Low Potassium and Chronic Belly "Issues"

6/23/11- Ankle Sprains and Western Movie "Consumption"

5/31/11- Lightning Strikes and Hormones/Antibiotics in Food

5/16/11- Dermatographism and the Risks of Tanning Beds

3/21/11- ACE Inhibitor Cough and the How Fast Hearts Can Go

3/7/11- The Appendix and Chest Pain(video is choppy but audio is good)

2/22/11- The Gall Bladder and Too Much Alcohol

2/14/11- Healthy Hearts

1/11/11- The "Funny Bone" and H1N1 Continued Threat

12/31/10- Medical New Year's Resolutions

12/20/10- Having Kids Ready for the Cold and Pertussis Returns

11/30/10- Post Appendectomy Care and Airbag Safety

11/16/10- Pediatric Flu Shots and the Link Between Tattoos and Hep C.

10/29/10- Halloween Safety

10/15/10- Arthritis Prevention and Antibiotic Risks

9/13/10- Pediatric Head Injuries and Arthritis

8/31/10- Pediatric Fevers and Earaches

8/24/10- Poison Ivy and Ectopic Pregnancies

7/23/10- Tonsilectomies and "The Hukes and Spews"

7/12/10- Baker's Cysts and Wrist Drop

6/28/20- Varicose Veins and Tennis Elbow

6/7/10- Shine Splints and Microvascular Decompression

5/17/10- EMS Week "Seconds Save Lives"

5/10/10- Alcohol Poisoning and Normal Body Temperature

4/26/10- Treating Sunburns and the Dangers of Plastics

4/6/10- Children's Sunscreen/Bug Sprays and the Benefits of Smoking Cessation

3/22/10- MRSA and the new CPR

3/1/10- Blood Pressure Pills and Winter Joint Pains

2/15/10- Herbal Medicines and Kid Poop

2/1/10- Residency Training and Tanning Bed Dangers

1/19/10- Anxiety and Passing Out

1/6/10- "Death of Pneumonia" and Smoking Cessation

12/22/09- Dirtiest Home Items and Tort Reform

12/7/09- H1N1 Decreasing and Pain Medicine Abuse

11/24/09- Advanced directives, organ donation, and ER emergencies

11/4/09- H1N1 Vaccine Myths and Computer Eye Strain

10/27/09- Halloween Safety, Allergies, and Is It Safe to Run.

10/19/09- Tamiflu and diets

10/9/09- H1N1, plantar fasciitis, and thyroid nodules

9/18/09- More H1N1 Questions

The infamous "spider bite"(7/09)

When do you need to go to the ER for a fall/injury?(6/09)

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Child Dies After Being Left in Car(6/20/10)

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Heat+Humidity=Danger Video(6/15/10)

Heat+Humidity=Danger Text(6/15/10)

Summer Child Safety(5/25/10)

The Dangers of Chemical from Plastic(4/26/10)

Can Being A Superfan Be A Threat To Your Health(3/14/10)

Cold Weather Safety(1/10)

Swine Flu Increase(8/09)

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US Hospitals Drill and Prep for Ebola(10/10/14)

Halloween Dangers(10/10)

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To ER or not to ER?(9/14/13)

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ER's Dispensing More Narcotic Painkillers(3/21/14)


Safety Should Remain a Priority While Enjoying Warm Weather, Activities this Summer(5/24/12)

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4 Health Emergencies You Should Be Ready For

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Expert: Put Vinegar, Not Urine, On Jellyfish Stings(7/25/11)

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Big Chill Could Make Bad Flu Season Worse(1/9/15)

Lexington Provides Ways to Beat the Heat(6/28/12)

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Paramedics Ready for Ebola(10/3/14)

'Operation Pandora' to Combat Lexington Heroin Abuse(7/12/13)

Doctors want to make Overdose Antidote Street Legal(7/11/13)

Halloween Incident Highlight the Risk of Getting Poked by Medical Needles(11/1/12)

Wow!!!Speedway Sees 141 Degrees(6/29/12)

Lexington Prepares for Heat Wave(6/27/12)

Safety Tips for Beating the Heat(5/24/12)

Slips and Falls Prevalent When Temperatures Fall(12/14/10)


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NASCAR Fans to Cope with Heat, Traffic at Kentucky Speedway(6/29/12)


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